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Welcome to our selling guide to help you promote your home more effectively. The tips below will help you maximise interest in your home and get the very best price for it. Of course, if you need more advice and information, we are always on hand to answer your queries.Foster-Lewis-CTA-2

1. Before consulting an estate agent, look at your home objectively – both inside and outside. Is it really presented to its best advantage? Are there small, inexpensive upgrades you could make that would significantly enhance the price?

2. Give it curb appeal – Make sure the front garden, pathway and fence are well-kept, with pretty flowers and a neat front lawn as first impressions really count. A newly-painted front door can make a huge difference to the way visitors perceive your home.

3. De-clutter your rooms thoroughly. Selling a home is about marketing a lifestyle, and a disorganised home will prove hard to market.

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4. Clean the whole house thoroughly, from cobwebs on the ceiling to crumbs and stains on the carpet. Don not forget to wash down paintwork and clean windows.

5. If possible, redecorate your home in neutral, earthy colours. Magnolia is the best colour for walls when selling your home.

6. Add a splash of colour via well-chosen accents, cushions or accessories.

7. Remove personal items such as children’s drawings and family photographs, so buyers focus on your home and not your possessions.

8. Finish off small DIY jobs, such as touching up chipped woodwork and replacing washers on dripping taps.

9. Use lighting to create the right mood, choosing different styles for each space, maybe downlights and lamps in the sitting room and a much brighter scheme in the kitchen.

10. Create a pleasant scent, whilst it may be a cliche to grind coffee beans or bake bread, scent plays an important part in creating the right impression. For this reason, do not cook smelly food such as fish or curry before a viewing!

11. Leave windows open, so the house is fresh and airy.

12. Take pets out during viewings.

13. Flowers and a fruit bowl will brighten up any room and provide a pleasant aroma. However, do remember to replace them regularly so that they are fresh!

14. Organise your rooms logically, so that each has a clear purpose, this will require a lot less imagination on the part of the buyer.

15. Finally, major property upgrades are sometimes a good idea, but not always! There is no point whatsoever in spending £20,000 on building works and redecoration if it will only add £10,000 to the value of your home.

We would be happy to give you advice on preparing your home for sale or viewings. Get in touch with our office on 02476 592929 or email our enquiry form. Also go to our News page for the latest properties for sale and the latest news on the property market, interest rates and mortgage approvals.

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