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5 easy home cleaning repair tips to help your house sell

If you’re selling your home, the prospect of getting it into a state that appeals to prospective house-buyers to view your house may be a little daunting, but have no fear. While structural work needs a little planning there are some very straightforward jobs you can do now to make your home more appealing and are often good habits to get into while your house is on the market.

So here are 5 easy home cleaning and repair tips to help your house sell quicker.

Home cleaning repair tips

  1. Check the kerb appeal

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer who has seen the details of your house and pictures and is interested enough to get an appointment to view your house. First impressions are very important so check the kerb appeal of your house as someone casually looks at your house from the kerb. Be honest with yourself and try to sort out anything that might create the wrong impression as they are often very easy to fix:

  • Tidy the front garden up by cutting the grass, pruning bushes and generally
  • Potted shrubs or trees are a relatively cheap way of giving the front garden a lift if is looking a little dull
  • If you have a drive, fix and clean any broken paving or tarmac.
  • Clean and paint the front door and any other frames.
  • Clean the windows
  1. Declutter

The prospective buyer is viewing your home with a view to them living there not you, so any quirky and personal effects may not be viewed with the same level of affection as yourself. Try to put away everything that doesn’t  need to be out in the open on view as it distracts from the overall impression. The decluttering process starts with a big throw out of stuff you and your family don’t need such as clothes, toys and other items, which should free up enough space for storing the stuff you really need.

  1. Clean the floors top to bottom

People will always look at the floors and carpets as they will often inherit this as part of the transaction. You can hire equipment or companies to shampoo carpets and laminate or wooden floors should be very easy to clean and to create an immediate good impression.

  1. Make sure all the electricals and plumbing are in good repairkitchen

If you have rusty looking radiators, old looking taps, grubby toilets and dated looking electricals then this can ring all sorts of alarm bells with the prospective buyer. Go through your house systematically checking for any obvious. For example taps and light fittings can be easily replaced and that will help reassure the prospective buyer that the house has been maintained properly.

  1. Make sure your kitchen is appealing

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house where people spend most of their time so it needs to be an enticing place to be. Kitchen doors can be replaced, draw runners fixed. Also make sure the cooker is clean and sparkling. Even if your kitchen isn’t very recent you can make a good impression by a thorough deep cleaning.

Some talk about fresh flowers, freshly brewed coffee etc but these won’t make any difference if you haven’t done something about these five main areas. By focussing on these five areas you can make a big difference to how your house appeals to a prospective buyer and how likely they are to make an offer.

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