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Factors that boost your house value

We have all watched Kirsty and Phil and recognise “location, location, location” as one of the most important factors that influence the value of your house, and that’s true but not often practical if you want to boost your house value.

There are, in fact, several ways of boosting your house value that aren’t necessarily expensive or need you lifting your house up by its foundations and moving it somewhere else. We at Foster Lewis and Co think Coventry is a great place to live and work anyway. So here are some important factors if you want to boost your house value:

Kerb appeal

This is a major buzzword with estate agents and it refers to first impressions. If the windows, doors and gardens are in a good state of repair and attractively finished, this creates a great impression when people step enter your house. A simple lick of pain and a tidy up of the front garden is often enough so it needn’t be expensive.

Size and shape of houses

Generally house buyers like traditional property layouts and as much space as possible. Even if your house is small you can create the illusion of space by de-cluttering and keeping tidy, using neutral light colour schemes

More bedrooms or a room extension

The average nuclear family numbers between 4 and 5, so three to four bedroom houses are very popular. Also in this day and age, technology means people can work from home so an extra room or study can add value to your house.

The kitchen

A kitchen is at the heart of any home, where everyone at some point in the day will find themselves. Well-designed and modern kitchens will usually have a competitive edge over other homes with less appealing kitchens. Simply fixing any broken fittings, old taps and thoroughly cleaning will give the kitchen an immediate, low cost lift.

Storage space

We all accumulate stuff that we don’t use regularly but don’t want to throw away. If you can maximise a decent amount of storage such as lofts, under-stair storage cupboards and walk-in closets then this will boost your house value. Just making the loft accessible with a permanent loft ladder and boarding will open up the loft as a convenient and accessible storage area.

Off-road parking

People value off-road parking as it provides greater security and convenience. The added security of a garage or private driveway can leave a car less susceptible to crime and high insurance premiums.

Modern tasteful fittings

A home that is fully equipped with modern amenities, electrical wiring and tasteful fixtures is likely to attract a higher final sale price than one that needs work.

Energy efficiency

Energy prices aren’t decreasing so make sure that you have all the measures in place for an energy efficient home such as windows and doors in good repair and quality.

School catchment areas

We all have a responsibility and stake in local schools and being the in the catchment area of a well-regarded school will boost your property value. This is something that may be beyond your direct control but it is a point worth bearing in mind. See our blog post on the best rated Coventry schools and their locations.

These are just some of the most important factors that boost your house value. Please try our online valuation tool or get in touch for friendly, no obligation discussion about getting the value of your home: book a free sales valuation or call us on 02476 592929.

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