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Foster Lewis and Co instant valuation tool – online property valuation tool

Foster Lewis and Co have an instant valuation tool available that enables you to get an indication of how much your property may be worth based on current property values in your local area.

The tool is free to use and provides an instant valuation for sales or letting based on your location. You have to provide details such as exact address, the number of bedrooms and any other relevant information. Then to get your valuation you need to provide some contact details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Free online valuation tool

External factors that affect property prices

There are many general external factors that affect property value:

  • Planning issues in the local area – new developments or changes can increase or reduce the value of your property.
  • New or planned transport links – transport links such as new roads, new stations, new services or other relevant
  • New or improving schools in the area – education is important for families and the presence of good or improving schools can boost the value.
  • Employment with the area – New or growing high quality employers within commuting distance of the area.
  • Supply of housing stock – high or low supply of housing stock in the area can affect the value of your house and this can change quite rapidly.

Direct factors that affect property prices

There are many factors that can influence the value of your home that are independent of the local area:

  • Age of the property
  • Size – the bigger the better in most cases although downsizing is something older people consider.
  • Wear and tear – is the property in a generally good state of repair.
  • Structural improvements – have they been made to a good standard or are they needed?Foster Lewis and Co property valuation tool
  • Fittings – are there modern fittings or period features in a good state of repair and appearance.
  • Room layout – a well thought out room layout change can add value.
  • Electrics / heating – working
  • Extras such as double glazing, modern kitchen.
  • Storage space

Online property valuation tool

Our instant valuation tool will give you just that; an instant valuation of your property using known local factors to give the best valuation of your home without a visit from one of our surveyors. The best way to confirm the exact market value of your house is to request a valuation.

Go to this link to use our instant valuation tool: Foster Lewis and Co instant online valuation tool

If you want to discuss selling your home please get in touch with the Foster Lewis and Co estate agents office on 02476 592929 or use our contact form.

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